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Roller Shades

Roller Shades provides the best privacy for any space and can be completely blackout or light filtering.  It can drastically reduce the heat for interior spaces and is definitely an energy saver.   It is fairly inexpensive compared to other window treatments and can either be opened manually (cord or cordless) or motorized.  We have over 100 fabrics to chose from that will suit any decor or style.

Zebra Shades

Zebra Shades are now the new normal for window treatments and they allow you to adjust the privacy levels by simply transitioning from sheer to solid.   With over 100 fabrics to select from, there is a perfect fabric for any decor. You can choose from having a cord or them being motorized.

Sliding Panels

Sliding Panels are a chic, modern solution for wide windows and sliding glass doors.  For many it has become the alternative of vertical blinds. They come in an array of colors similar to our roller shades.  They can be opened either with a wand or cord.

Outdoor Shades

Outdoor shades are resistant to harsh weather and rust, they are perfect for year-round weather.   They are used to ward off insects and is easy to clean with a firm sponge or cloth with a soapy water solution.  Our outdoor shades can withstand winds up to 73 miles per hour (up to a category 1 hurricane) although we recommend lifting them in that case.  They are best used when motorized but is not mandatory.


Roller Shade Fabrics

Roller Shades Provide the best privacy, comfort and enhanced sun protection for your interior, the numerous riveting selections of light filtering roller shade and solar shades, or room darkening roller blinds or solar blinds…

Zebra Shade Fabrics

Zebra Roller Shades is an innovation where the stripe fabric across two layers creates the open and closed effect. This innovation is fabricated with a new generation of a clutch system where the shade can be set at any position and easily controlled…

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